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Research Thesis: Pluggable Aspect Instantiation Models

Thesis Details

Submitted By: Victor Trakhtenberg
Adviser:Prof. David H. Lorenz
Title:Pluggable Aspect Instantiation Models
Institution:Open University of Israel


An aspect encapsulates not only a crosscutting behavior, but also a crosscutting state. When aspects are stateful, there is a need to specify and control their instantiation. Unfortunately, aspect instantiation is a hard-wired feature in AspectJ. This feature cannot be customized by the application programmer. Specifically, there are six pre-defined instantiation models to choose from, each designated by a keyword: issingleton, perthis, pertarget, percflow, percflowbelow, and pertypewithin. In this work, we introduce a new language mechanism and keyword 'perscope' that lets third-parties define custom aspect instantiation models. This new keyword replaces the six existing keywords in AspectJ, and may eliminate the need for introducing future ones.

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